Joanne Munzar’s handmade pottery

My first creative love was pottery. Years ago, I was a stay at home mom to two beautiful children and started taking courses at a local workshop. Once I got the basics down inspiration kicked in and I began designing pieces to show off my culinary skills. So one art form could compliment another on my dinner table as well as in the kitchen. My designs and styles have changed several times and over the years I have been involved with galleries both in Ontario and Quebec. At home in Port Dover I have a studio that is open to the public by appointment only.


I am the founder of the Norfolk Studio Tour which is currently in its 16th year! In 2016, 36artists are involved with the tour on September 24th and 25th. More recently, my creative process took on a new form as my husband and I began to spend our winters in the south. I turned to jewelry making as a more portable and wearable art form. I use semi-precious stones and non-tarnishing silver wire to create one of a kind statements. Photography is my newest passion. I am drawn by my love of nature and a need to express myself creatively and share it with others. Through my many art forms, I hope to inspire others to find the beauty that surrounds them.

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