Carrothers and Associates

David Carrothers always knew he wanted to get into architectural design. He was born in London Ontario but grew up in Winnipeg until the age of 19 when he moved to Hamilton to attend Mohawk College, met his wife, and settled in the city. In 2008 when the recession hit, the couple returned from vacation and David was faced with a layoff from a home-building company in Oakville. He and his wife had just started their family and found themselves at a cross-roads; find a new job, or start the business he always wanted.

The layoff was a blessing in disguise and pushed David towards starting his own architectural design firm. Carrothers and Associates, located in the heart of Westdale, is made up of five designers ranging from juniors to seniors. They design everything from custom homes to kitchen remodels, from additions to small commercial work. They are a committed team and have a passion for their work and being sustainable. Carrothers pride themselves in being connected with the Hamilton/Burlington Sustainable Network, hiring locally and tapping into Hamilton’s creative talent. 

They have a variety of commercial work you’re surely been to in and around the city of Hamilton. See the beautiful designs here

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