Splendid Isolation

I’m a complete believer now!

For me… To float is to heal. To float is to relax. To float is to refresh and re-set your senses. You get in. You float. You zone out. It's splendid isolation!

The very place I can turn off the to-do lists roaming around in my brain is now readily available right herein our fine city. When my float is complete my to-do lists are magically organized, refined and no longer scattered. I also feel peaceful, rested and calm. It’s just amazing. 

I wasn’t skeptical when starting this design project but simply had no experience with this incredible method for deep meditation and relaxation. In fact I had never meditated before at all.

Working with Stacey and Jay Ziebarth owners of Studio Zee Pilates has been such a blessing. A blessing shared by hundreds of individuals I met at the launch party for Zee Float this past spring.

This dynamic couple have developed an amazing community of people this past few years operating Studio Zee Pilates. These people depend on the Pilates, meditation, and other wellness approaches and services Stacey and Jay provide. These approaches and services help individuals thrive and reach potentials often not fully realized prior to their work with Stacey and Jay.

Now these folks can leave a Pilates class or private session and come to the lower level to access a float tank. They can then relax in “The Chill Lounge” at the Oxygen Bar. Or they can go into the meditation centre and just experience the light and silence….the peace.

The entire space soothes. The white pallet encouraged an art gallery approach for final layering. These clean bright walls now showcase the talent of local artists.

I spoke with a couple (both avid floaters) that float every Friday night after work to let the stress of the week drift away. They sleep soundly and the calmness achieved in the tanks stays with them all weekend. They don’t experience that Sunday night work stressing at all.

Give it a try! You’ll become a believer. Let your worries float away.

Written by: Charles MacIntosh of BRANCH Design

Photography: Sarah Janes

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