The Reign of Beauty

William McKinlay, the original owner of McKinlay-McGinty House, which was awarded heritage status in 1987 might be quite surprised at the recent changes in this gorgeous home.

He might actually enjoy some of the new amenities available these 168 years later.

The new family to the home love light and they have been madly craving space. They did without both while living in their very cool condo.

The purchase of this home has filled these newlyweds with a map to their future. There isn't a doubt that the couple will welcome little feet and wee giggling faces later.

For now they focus on settling into their castle which now houses the most gorgeous petite salon which they have aptly named "Reign".

It was clear from the start that we should use one paint colour for every nook and cranny in order to transform the heritage home into a relevant and cool place to live and work.

It was the only way to go.

Barely there a gorgeous white by Benjamin Moore was used throughout!

The entry at the back of the house provides a panoramic view of outdoor space destined to become secret gardens, greenhouses and a majestic swimming pool area. The walk from the drive takes visitors directly into the kitchen which doubles as the salon waiting room.

Salon patrons can drink tea, get caught up with news and gossip using one of the Reign tablets and unwind before Victoria takes charge of their manes.

It was decided that we would respect the original footprint of the kitchen while boosting the architectural value with the addition of crown moulding and supplemental customized cabinetry.

The original plank floors were buried beneath layers of other materials and it was such a relief to find these original boards intact.

The quartz counter tops and new subway tile backsplash capture light, and gently hold the brightness of the day through gorgeous and very stately original windows.

The trick was to incorporate the necessary live work space on the first floor without disturbing the couple's desire for a seamless and calming look and feel.

A restrained approach provided the cool factor. The calmness of the space is there for sure because it's paired back, has loads of air and possibility.

The look is quite monestarial, which is perfect for the new matriarch and will see her in good stead for her reign of beauty. 

Written by: Charles MacIntosh of BRANCH Design

Photography: Sarah Janes  

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