Three Scoops of Change in A Bowl of Downsize

There are a few things about change that one might want to review periodically.

Change is often very hard, scary and stressful. It can cause distance between loved ones. It is usually anxiety provoking and it is impossible to completely control.

Oh yes and of course…Change is inevitable.

Despite the potential disasters that even planned change can cause, this extremely hard working couple took on the huge project of downsizing.

In the end it took these two lovely people well over a year to achieve their goals. The to do list was enormous but they achieved their goals and were gracious and smiling all the way through. I was quite simply amazed.

They staged and sold their complicated 5-acre country property. They found, renovated and furnished their new city home and their perfect family cottage. They celebrated the marriages of their two eldest sons, and also celebrated their youngest son’s academic and sport related successes. The family also continued to support the needs of an ailing parent while continuing to work full time. Out of breath yet?

The end results for this wonderful clan are enormous. They are able to take much better care of themselves and their family members. There is intense enjoyment for the family when they all converge at the new family cottage. Conversations are in-person and not in the car via cell phone. 

There is an envelope of calmness that greets the couple when they walk through the door.

The walls, trim, and cabinetry are painted a bright beautiful neutral white.  A gorgeous hardwood floor was installed which unified the entire first floor.  Walls, which initially divided and split up the first floor, were removed and now everyone can enjoy and be together.  No claustrophobia required. The lighter touch used in palette, furnishing and artwork left room for hits of the unexpected, whimsical, and organic.  

This blending of tone on tone magic provides the Ahhhh factor this busy couple so needed in their lives.  They are getting ready for the public reveal for end of summer with excited anticipation!

So...Three Scoops of Change in a Bowl of Downsize now has a cherry on top!

Design: Charles MacIntosh of Branch Design 

Photography: Sarah Janes 

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